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Part A. Who is Generation Z?

Does "Z" signify a change?

Petra Víšková, Qualitative Research Director, Confess

Generation Z: Already spending and earning. Is it really so different from us older generations? Which brands resonate with these customers and how did they get their attention? Drawing on this year's research, we'll uncover what we have (or don't have) in common and whether there is a love brand that unites them all.

The Journey of Gen Z between Comfort and Inflation

Zdeněk Skála, Managing Director, Skála a Šulc

Generation Z has its own specific values and habits, especially when it comes to shopping. Their demand for comfort and convenience comes first in routine purchases. However, economic trends (rising living costs) and shifting positions of various retailers have significantly influenced this young group. In this presentation, we'll briefly explore how Gen Z holds onto its priorities while pragmatically changing communication channels and stores that suit best its style.

Generational (Mis)understanding

Martina Mikesková, psychologist and psychoterapist, Soulmio

"In our times…" - the sentence many of us hear or even say during our lives. A sentence that sometimes sparks discussions filled with unpleasant feelings, even among the loved ones. Let's briefly reflect on examples from practice to see where perceived differences across generations can be destructive and when they can actually help us grow.

The Z-Effect: How to Unlock the Potential of the Young Generation

Libor Hoření, Czech philanthropist and entrepreneur

Generation Z is entering the workforce with a new set of values, expectations, and challenges. In the 'Z-Effect' lecture, we'll dive into the depths of this fascinating generation. You'll learn what drives this generation, what challenges them in the world of rapid changes, and what values guide their decision-making. Discover how to successfully integrate Gen Z into your team and create optimal conditions to unlock their potential for your business.

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B. How to Communicate with Generation Z?

Slackers with a Budget worth 7 Billion $

Jonáš Čumrik, Strategy & Idea Director, Notino

The beauty segment is one of the fastest-growing topics not only on TikTok, thanks to the new generations of young customers who are increasingly interested not only in their external beauty, but above all in their mental health. They have a huge capital that they are not afraid to invest in brands and products that help them feel better - whatever that may mean. What trends are influencing their purchasing behavior? Are influencers losing impact on the new generations, and is it really crucial to be primarily online?

Generation Z: Where to Find Them, What Interests Them, and Why We Should Understand Them

Nicola Husníková, Head of Social Media, Marketup

Why is the young generation not loyal, or why does advertising annoy them? Nicola will guide you through practical tips on how to approach Gen Z and understand them. And maybe in the end, you'll have accept the fact that you won't understand this generation at all. So, what to do about it?

Hate or love?

Hana Kovářová, Director of Brand Strategy and Communication, Komerční banka

Capturing their attention is becoming increasingly difficult. Motivating them to take an action is even harder. Especially if you have a topic that the target audience, in this case Gen Z, is not yet interested in or familiar with. They also might just postpone their decision. However, if you care about results and not just yourself, you might even go so far as not to brand your campaign. At the conference, we will show how important it is to be open to new ways of thinking and communicating, something we truly love at Komerční banka.

Kaufland, Esports, and the Fofrtaška?

Petr Hoffmann, Head of Digital, Kaufland Česká republika

An incredible phenomenon emerging from the esports community. This unique roller bag for gamers has won bronze at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival and along the way raised over a million crowns in a record-breaking charitable Twitch livestream. The story that is unparalleled in the retail sector. The story that united generations and proved that creativity and esports can make wonders in communicating with Gen Z.

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Blok C. Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Lukáš Antoš, CMO, Rohlík

Jan Brejcha, CMO, VAFO Praha

Jakub Henni, Co-founder, Nesnězeno

Monika Jančová, Head of Marketing Innovations, Alza

Jiří Mareček, Director Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Albert Česká republika

Alexandros Samaras, Managing Director, F. H. Prager

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