Human Capital 2023: The end of traditional job positions is coming

Nowadays, HR specialists have access to a plethora of digital tools. However, these days also bring challenging issues such as an aging population, legislative requirements for ESG reporting with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and a shortage of people meeting recruitment criteria. So, how can one not only thrive in current conditions but also help people and companies grow? These subjects were discussed by nearly 150 participants at the Human Capital 2023, professional conference, organized by Blue Events on Wednesday, September 20th at the Czech National Bank.

Economist: Our pension security will be referred to as salary

At the 12th annual CFO Congress, held on May 10, 2023, at the Czech National Bank, a record-breaking 218 financial directors and experts, both male and female, gathered alongside other finance professionals. The expert contributions covered factors influencing the inflation rate, current labor market data and its future trends, as well as technologies for financial management and the challenges associated with them.

Finance management in unpredictable times will be the main of CFO Congress 2023

The discussion of finance directors at 12th anniversary of CFO Congress will be framed by challenges that times of high rate of uncertainty represent to finance management. The conference will take place on May 10, 2023 in Prague.

Is your business safe? Experts will give advice at the CIO Agenda conference

The current challenges for the cyber (un)security of companies and organizations will be described in detail at the CIO Agenda conference. On February 21, 2023, renowned experts will discuss everything from prevention and legislation, to examples from practice and the proper handling of evidence after a cyber attack. Last year's event drew attention of 250 participants, not only from IT, but also from other top management sectors. The conference at O2 universum is moderated by Petr Koubský from Deník N.

Procurement Forum conference highlights new purchase needs

Current challenges related to purchase will be discussed at Procurement Forum on November 30 in Prague. The program will cover topics related to energy, the unreliability of the supply chain or companies' commitments to sustainability.

Transparent communication and involvement of people in the processes´ creation is crucial today

The Human Capital 2022 conference took place on May 24 in Prague. Those who directly cultivate people in companies met in person. The program was dominated by data, those from the labour market and also the data usage to strengthen the business. The topics of communication and employee turnover were reflected among the speeches.

150 Chief financial officers spoke about the impact of the pandemic at CFO Congress 2021

One of the first conferences organized after a long pause with present audience was focused on agenda of financial officers. The participants of CFO Congress 2021 filled the allowed capacity of the Czech National Bank hall on June 22 completely. Topics of people in companies, digitalization of the processes and sustainability dominated the program. The pandemic experience was frequently mentioned. However, the speakers focused mostly on future.