What is Retail in Detail?

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Successful retail business is based on mastering a number of details, or "Retail in Detail". That is why we have launched a series of specialized Retail in Detail conferences, which follow the content of the annual summit of Czech and Central European trade - Retail Summit, but have a more intimate character. They allow for a better and more detailed analysis and discussion of current challenges and needs in the trade sector.

What will Retail in Detail: Generation Z be about?

They were born at the edge of the millennium, the youngest of them are entering puberty, and the oldest are now 26 years old. It is a generation prone to stress, its representatives lack enthusiasm for work, suffer from climate anxiety, live on social media and care only for themselves. They hate being categorized. But is itreally true?

Let’s look at the data gathered on Gen Z and get inspired by successful projects aimed towards it and its needs. Gen Z is now entering the labor market becoming consumers who require a different approach. You will learn how and through which channels to communicate with Gen Z and correctly identify its needs, behind which there are broad business opportunities. Moreover, all of this in conditions where you only have an average of 8 seconds to capture their fleeting attention! The answers can be found in the specialized program of the conference.

About event

Who is it for?

About event

The conference is intended for:

  • retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers

  • Communication Managers, Marketing professionals, Business Development Managers, and all other positions within a company that aim to capture the interest of Generation Z

  • Anyone who recognizes the need to learn the means of capturing the attention and way to enter to the wallets of this buying power